Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Precious Times

Today is my son's 5th Birthday Party.
There will be lots of Balloons...

Lots of boys teasing the girls...
The boys chasing the girls and yelling
"I don't like girls"!!!

There will lots of Batman cake
from Let Them Eat Cake.
It will be oh so YUMMY.

There will be kids and friends and family...

It will be a huge celebration for our little guy.
He will be played out, exhausted and
oh so satisfied.

It will finally be over. It's all he has talked about
for three weeks.
I can't wait to see his huge smile
when he comes over to us
with a huge kiss to
thank us for his party, like he normally does.

My little man (on the left) and his best bud
at last year's birthday party.
The party continues...
life goes on...
These are Precious Times.
First balloon photo by Tim Walker and all photos found at ffffound.


fhen said...

Happy belated birthday to your son!
hope he gets all the best things in life :)
whoa, seems like the party will be great and you are such a kind mom for throwing a party every year. ah it reminds me of my 5th birthday occasion :)

cherry kiss,

Noel Solomon said...

What a special day and such a beautiful post! I love all the balloons! Happy Birthday Little one~

xoxo Noel

Kristin said...

Can I tell you how cute your kiddo is? That pic of the two of you is fabulous! Hope he had a wonderful day!!

Robin said...

Aww, I hope he absolutely loves it.
It sounds like a perfect party.


ticklishfromadistance said...

So sweet! Brings me back. My son is 14 and was Batman every Halloween from ages 3-8! Talk about commitment. Enjoy!!

FrenchBlue said...

What a great time this is! I hope you had a batty fun day:) the years fly by~~~

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

awww, he is adorable!!! you do need lots of balloons, just like that top picture - that would be so much fun to play in!

Fifi Flowers said...

SOUNDS LIKE FUN!!! Happy birthday to your little man!

gigiofca said...

You have the best pics on your blog.

Have a magically splendid b-day little guy!

Renee said...

Prescious times indeed.

You have a beautiful blog.

Renee xoxo