Monday, August 3, 2009

Mikimoto Pearls~ The Story Behind The Cadillac Of Pearls

For me, pearls represent love, special milestones in life and achieving womanhood. I received my first pearl gift from my parents when I graduated, a gorgeous classic single strand of pearls my Mother had received from her high school sweetheart. My second gift was a unique vintage double strand necklace as my wedding present from my husband. The man gets me. I was also lucky enough to receive a beautiful double strand pearl bracelet with a diamond clasp as a wedding present from my parents at the same time. All these gifts are treasured by me, remind me of special times in my life and are worn as much as possible. I have been known to wear one of my precious pearl necklaces alone or layered with a skull T-shirt, jeans and ballet flats, while tooling around town. I doubt very much that Coco Chanel would approve of my outfit, but definitely of the pearls.
When I think of pearls, the first company that comes to my mind is Mikimoto. My curious mind wanted to learn more about the cadillac of pearl companies. I have appreciated their gorgeous ads in the past and exquisite designs.

In 1893, Kokichi Mikimoto successfully produced the world's first cultured pearl. Through mastery, aesthetics and a consuming fascination with quality, Kokichi Mikimoto made cultured pearls one of the world's most prevalent fashion accessories.

It was Mr. Mikimoto's dream "to adorn the necks of all the women of the world with pearls."

In 1927 he met with Thomas Edison, an avid Mikimoto collector who said, "There are two things that can't be made at my laboratory-diamonds and pearls." Thank goodness Mr. Mikimoto was a determined man. Without him, there would be a definite number of pearls available and they would not be affordable for most of us.

Mikimoto aimed at the top, in quality, design and techniques. He choose to be a pace-setter. Once, in 1932 to demonstrate his interest in quality, he BURNED shovelfulls of imperfect pearls. That must have been quite a sight. He was a clever businessman since the foreign journalists spread the word.

Mr. Mikimoto not only grew his own pearls, but made exquisite Mikimoto jewelry. They have the most classic, unique, and modern options. They have even created designs where the pearls move on the chain for a fresh look. They offer a special design for every type of woman.

Above is a great Mikimoto jewelry fashion show that is definitely a feast for the eyes. The quality of the pearls and exquisite designs make watching the short video worth it!

You can acquire your very own exquisite, high quality, and unique Mikimoto pearl jewelry at JR Dunn's. Every gal should have a strand of pearls. Or, several, like Coco Chanel believed in. I love the new layered look with chains and pearls combined. Loads of necklaces and wearing classic black and white. Especially with just a white t-shirt. It's so Chanel. You know, even Sex & the City mentioned Mikimoto's pearls. They are haute and classic at the same time. I don't think pearls will ever go out of style. Do you?

What's your special memory or milestone from your precious pearls? If you don't have pearls yet, what would be your favorite type of pearls?


Kristin said...

Oh my goodness, that pendant is spectacular. The hubs gave me akoya pearl and diamond earrings to celebrate our little man!

Couture Carrie said...

What a gorgeous post, darling, and well written too!


janettaylor said...

Oh, I really love the pearls...
So classic, elegant and all...


Fashion Moment said...

Hi darling!
Fantastic post!


Julie said...

The more the merrier. Great post.

P.S. I gave your fabulous blog a award.

Lizzy said...

Very nice post! the music is great also.
Pearls....I don't have any ..yet.
I would like the one you show in the 4th picture, honesty is not a big deal for me to have pearls...BUT if my hubby give me some that would be very nice hehehehe.
Hey! I can be here in your blog just listening the music!! the french songs are very nice =)

Berlin Deluxxe said...

Last night at a charity event I lost one of my pearl studs... :(