Monday, November 30, 2009

It's That Time... The Red Carpet Awards

Audrey expresses perfectly my mood as I pass along a few awards to my treasured friends in blogland. Well, let me be clear, some are friends and some I just admire. And, admire alot. Have you heard of the blogger stalker? That's me. Tee hee. Don't worry, it's a funny word for peeps that support other bloggers. Don't call the authorities on me.
But, the spirit of gratitude for receiving the awards from my cherished fellow bloggers & friends and the joy of passing them along bring a huge smile to my face. I looked high and low for the perfect Red Valentino gown picture for these "Red Carpet Awards", but Audrey Hepburn reflects perfectly my mood today. So, drum roll please...


The Divine Award from the utterly divine Janetteria...

The Kreative Blogger Award from my fellow vintage clothing loving gal Bobbins And Bombshells...

Thank you so much to the lovely and funny Mommy Wonderland for this fabulous award.

Regarding the Friends award, "This award is bestowed on to blogs that are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to be kind and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers." from the lovely Mommy Wonderland.

Thank you to all that inspire me and follow along on my journey. I wish I could give all of you an award. But, hopefully we can be content that we can cross the globe, the races, religions, political stances and the such; and all come together to enjoy the blogworld together.

For those that received a little award, please grab the graphic to your liking. Please post whom you received your award, pass on to 15 blogs of your choice and please leave me a comment to confirm receipt. But, please don't feel pressured to play along unless you are up to it. I hope you enjoy your "red carpet" moment~ Cheers, darling!

Remember the movie Chariots of Fire? In tribute to my brother, Ken, running the marathon in Sacramento on December 6th at the age of 40 and usually in the top 5 for his age group and top 15 overall. My prayers are with you, bro. And, to the outstanding dedication of all the bloggers on my list. You are all truly top notch and ahead of the pack. I appreciate you letting me run with you.

Friday, November 27, 2009

A Fabulous Find~ A True Vintage Clothing Lover, Lemondrop Marie of Lemondrop Vintage

I have enjoyed the Lemondrop Vintage blog from the beginning of my blog days due to her obvious passion for all things vintage. Marie's blog graphics are unique, fun, creative and always evolving. She seriously knows how to rock a vintage piece like no other. And, she loves mixing vintage clothing with boots, like I do. And, I love how she supports her peeps and has a little sass while doing it. Plus, she just cut 10 inches off her mane for a children's charity. She is a special gal that loves vintage clothing, jewelry and books. She is a gal I wished lived next door, but thank goodness I can follow along on her blog. So, thought I would share with you one my fav blogs and vintage shops. She currently has over 75 items in her shop, which is called Lemondrop Vintage, and will be adding more today. So, just in time for our Christmas lists.

Are you a vintage clothing lover too?

If so, what is your favorite type of score?

Fabulous Finds Gal

Beyond Fashion~ Weekend Read Top 20 Fashion Posts Links a' la Mode

links a la mode

Beyond Fashion

Edited by Retro Chick

This weeks Links à la Mode blows away any preconceived ideas of the narcissistic fashion blogger posting endless outfit photos and magazine shoots by covering a huge array of topics. Ranging from Dream Sequins whimsical birthday tea party to High Fashion Girls detailed examination of racism in fashion magazines, these posts demonstrate what we’re capable of and the communities we can build.

Of course, being fashion bloggers there are also some great outfits to be found and our bloggers this week have looked at: movies, from Bollywood to Sci fi; their pyjama drawers; and even their cleaning cupboard in their ceaseless search to bring you fashion inspiration.

As ever there’s many more exciting links on the original forum thread


Links à la Mode : November 26th

  • British Style Bloggers – Intrinsically Florrie on British Style Bloggers on how you can support the lovely Luella brand in it’s time of need

  • Dream Sequins – The stylish guests at a virtual birthday tea party (Part 2)!!

  • Fashion X K8 – The Fashion Blogging community being analoguous to “The Girls” in Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof

  • FashionHippo – Best Organic Lip Balms: 6 Natural Picks to Nourish Your Pout

  • Fete a fete – Guerlain’s Imperial Holiday makeup collection review

  • High Fashion Girl – Racism & Fashion

  • Idiosyncratic Style – Idiosyncratic Style dares you to re-think the possibilities of Pajamas outside the house

  • In Life and In Fashion – How to dress with Bollywood Flair

  • Lillys Roses – The new charity tshirts by TV-Star C.F. for the eco label armeangels

  • M.I.S.S. – She’s Crafty: DIY First Place Ribbon Accessories

  • Mariels Castle – Are we trully free when it comes to our fashion choices?

  • Oranges and Apples – What are charity shops for? Thoughts sparked by Mary Portas’ new Save the Children shop

  • Prom Mafia – Happy Accident: How to bleach fun designs on your clothes

  • Quirky Fashion – Movies that Inspired Fashion

  • Retro Chick – Buy Audrey Hepburns Wardrobe

  • Shoe Daydreams – Why Knock-offs are Bad for the Soul

  • Style on a String – Confessions of an UGG Lover and Wearer (but only indoors!)

  • THE COVETED – Coach Holiday : Review & Giveaway!

  • The Demoiselles – Wing Tips: Finding a Tailor

  • Work Chic – Win a Sondra Roberts SR squared Shopper tote!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from My Family to Yours

A few special moments with our family this year...

Endless days at the beach making sandcastles, playing in the water and surfing.
It is 78 degrees outside today, but the water is only 62 degrees.

Many a day having play dates with our favorite little friends. Zackary, as Batman, taking down Spiderman, again... And, asking if they can have cookies from the oven. Oh, the life of a stay at home Momma.

My dear brother and his sweet wife, Ken and Denise in Oregon, enjoying an evening out on the town...

My brother and nephew, Ken and Chase enjoying some good quality time. My brother is running a marathon next week where he will be pushing for his personal best.

Legoland with Chase and Christian....
Good times...

Chase enjoying a moment of rest (silence) from Christian...

My parents, Shirley and Jim, watching us carve our pumpkin on our veranda...

Mr. Fabulous, Calvin, and Christian learning how to ride a bike and shoot some hoops...

And, there he goes...
He's getting a "big boy" bike for Christmas, so we need to get those training wheels off!

Christian ready to visit Rogers Gardens in Newport Beach to see all the Christmas trees and take a ferry ride with Granna and Poppi. With his favorite pet "Mr. Duckie". (If you want a little holiday inspiration, check out the Rogers Gardens link.)

I am thankful for:

1. My family

2. Our health

3. Our home, food and all the blessings we have

4. Being able to be a stay at home Mom

5. All my blogging friends that bring me daily inspiration and friendship from all over the world

May your Thanksgiving be filled with love, family, thankfulness and many blessings for the coming year.

What are you thankful for today?

Don't forget to send in your Thanksgiving table photos for the contest and giveaway!

Fabulous Finds Gal

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Table Contest and Giveaway!!!

So, just in case you can't make it to our Thanksgiving dinner today, you can feel like you are here from these photos. Come sit down and I'll get you a drink.
This Thanksgiving my family is Thankful most of all for family and our health. My Dad's recent shots to his kidney have been progressively improving his numbers and he is feeling a little better and standing taller. We are so thankful.
Please send in photos of your Thanksgiving table by this Monday to My Mom and I will be the judges and a gorgeous book on called Tablescapes is the prize. We enjoy all types of decorating styles, so send them in to be posted and possibly win. Ready, set, go.... Set up those tables!!!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Tell me, what you are Thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Garden Fairytale, Grounded in Earth and Southern Belle Holiday Tablescape Inspiration From Whim Interior Design

The whimsical "garden fairytale" holiday table created by Whim Interior Design at their home in San Juan Capistrano. Just whimical, magical and out of the world fabulous.

In contrast to the fairy table, this "grounded in nature" table is loaded with branches, wood and colors of nature. Just breathtaking.

Thirdly, the "southern belle" holiday dining table made up for Christmas in the Folie home. This was my final picture when I ran out of memory on my camera (hint to Santa!). So, the official end to my home tour of this fab-u-lous historic property of Daviell Maldonado and Eric Guenther.
Good luck with your Thanksgiving table this week. I'm going to have a Thanksgiving table scape giveaway, so get your tables and pictures ready to send in! Send to More to follow...
Which one of these table scapes calls to you? The garden fairyland, the grounded in earth or the southern belle holiday table?

Fabulous Finds Gal

All photos taken by yours truly, Christina Gough. Please contact for permission to duplicate or copy.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ho Ho Ho...

Ho, Ho, Ho to me! This year it seems my Christmas list is so very short. You see, I don't need much at all. What I do want, has a CC on it, Chanel dear friends, and that must wait until Santa's pocketbook is a bit more prosperous. So, I have decided that a sweater from Anthropolie made by Charlie & Robin will do the trick. Plus, my joy during Christmas is watching my son open his presents from Santa. Well, Christian is five and a half and still believes in Santa. It just brings the joy of Christmas to our family and the appreciation for the simple things in life. So, this year will be simple gift exchange for the adults, but filled with special memorable times with family. Leaving cookies for Santa, listening for him to come down the chimney, decorating the tree and looking for reindeer off our balcony are just a few moments that I cherish. In the end, I will be cozy in my new sweater on Christmas Day. Thank you Santa, a.k.a. hubby! Sometimes it is just the simple things. Although, I do know my parents got me a sexy pair of Betsey Johnson stilettos that will rock my personal Santa's world. Tee hee... Life is good.
Wishing you a wonderful beginning to your holiday season.
Are you cutting back this year and checking your list twice too? Or, is it biz as usual this holiday season? Don't feel guilty if it is, as you are blessed my dear friend. Well, actually we are all very blessed. Blessings to you and yours this holiday season.
Fabulous Finds Gal

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ah Maria~ The Classic and Charming Guest Room

Continuing this home tour of this hopefully soon to be historic home in San Juan Capistrano, California called the Maria. This is the guest bedroom and bath in this unique 1924 home of the proprietors of Whim Interior Design. This was my mom's favorite room of the two homes. It is a cheery room with lots of natural light and full of texture, color and layers of treasures. It's welcoming crisp white bedspread adjacent to stacks of old Architectural Digest magazines leads itself to a comfortable space to take the mind to another place and time. The original tiled bathroom is beyond quaint. We just wished they rented out this cottage.

I wish you a restful weekend!

Fabulous Finds Gal

All photos taken by yours truly, Christina Gough. Please contact me for permission to use or duplicate via e-mail.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Food For Thought~ Weekend Read of the Top 20 Fashion Posts Via Links A' La Mode

links a la mode

Food for Thought

Edited by Ashe Mischief

This is my first time editing since I wrote Good Cop/Bad Cop: Participating in Links a la Mode. Thank you all so much for making this my most pleasurable experience in editing yet!

I’m not sure if it’s because American Thanksgiving is a week away, or because the blogosphere is ablaze with Kate Mosses’ unforgettable quote, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels,” but either way, I’ve got food on my mind. This week, you brought me the best kind of food–rich, decadent, and 100% calorie-free! That’s right–you delivered highly thoughtful posts on fashion, fashion blogging & communities, and more.

On a personal note, ferOHHHsh has asked that we share her post about her close friend’s near-fatal accident. I believe that the fashion community is one of surprising strength, dignity, caring and compassion, and that it was worth sharing. We’re sending your friend speedy thoughts for a wonderful recovery!

Links à la Mode : November 19th

  • Awakened Aesthetic: – Eco-Friendly Stocking Stuffers (Part I)

  • Crisis in Denim: – Crisis in Denim: I make gentle fun of a Banana Republic ‘rewards’ card I received in the mail, that seems designed to make me think I accomplished something by shopping at BR and earning ‘rewards’ points, by riffing on the president’s Yes We Can slogan.

  • dramatis personae: – the Hat’s Out of the Bag! by Michelle at Wicked Whimsy

  • Fashion X K8: – The importance of Fashion Ad Campaigns and analyzing the collective subconcious of fashion consumers. I beg the question, what makes a great Fashion Ad.

  • Further Ado: – With many of their paper equivalents going bust, Further Ado finds 5 great online fashion magazines to keep you satisfied.

  • Grit and Glamour: – yesterday The Psychology of Lace Lace, in spite of its implied fragility, holds very special power in the sartorial world.

  • Idiosyncratic Style – Infatuation List: Five Fall Fashion Favorites

  • Independent Fashion Bloggers – Fashion Blogging : The Road Ahead

  • kaKofonie Of si(gh)lenS: – Interview with Lauren Jones of mydearthing

  • Mystery Creature: – I love vintage, I love handmade… but I don’t love Etsy, as much as I want to.

  • Oranges and Apples: – What drives fashion bloggers? Oranges and Apples in the Scotsman

  • Random Fashion Coolness: – Musings on the power-partnerships in the Blogosphere

  • Shoe Daydreams: – Collaborations and “inspiration”

  • slsvgg fashion: – An interview with Gossip Girl actress LEIGHTON MEESTER, on her style

  • Somewhere over the Skyline…: – rugality? Sustainability? The Recession! – Thoughts & Recommendations on Sustainable/Vintage Lifestyles

  • Super Kawaii Mama: – Meet the Dr. of Dames and her new book Our Girl’s – Aussie Pin Up’s of the 40’s & 50’s

  • THE COVETED: – Benefits of Chilly Days… Coats!

  • The Curvy Fashionista – Got the Plus Size Bridal Dress woes? Enter in Cc.Elaine- A studio dedicated to the Curvy.Confident.Chic. Plus Size Bride

  • The New Wave: – Underwear as Outerwear: How to wear this spring’s runway trend using vintage pieces.

  • The Pixelated Blonde – Fashion: it’s an individual thing – a look at how to be stylish whilst maintaining one’s individuality.

  • White Rabbit: – vs. Flickr’s Wardrobe Remix – the battle of “What I wore today” sites

  • Wicked Whimsy: – Rene Geneva Designs – featuring a local, woman run eco-friendly design house that makes gorgeous clothes to boot!