Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Breathtaking Folie House Main Living Area~ The Site of Previous Owner Gep Durenberyer Antique and Design Lectures

Continuing the tour of the home of Whim Interior Design, Daviell Maldonado and Eric Guenther, in San Juan Capistrano in their home built in 1980. The house was built around the 15th century door that Gep found on his monthly trips to Europe. Here's a little more history regarding the this historic site. The previous owner "Gep Durenberger was crowned as one of the country's great dealer-tastemakers, operating until 1995 a shop dedicated to gutsy European antiques and architectural elements in San Juan Capistrano, California. In the days before auction house training programs started turning out antiques experts by the yard, Durenberger learned his metier by serving apprenticeships with visionary dealers and by following his own nose, betting that if he found a Jacobean sideboard enchanting, others would too. Today he restores and sells old buildings in and around his hometown. " from access my

Collections placed under a console table with a hanging mirror that fits perfectly. I would have never thought of hanging a mirror under a table. Genius. This room is adjacent to the blue and white Monet inspired old school kitchen, so the blue ceramics create continuity in the space.

This Folie house was the location where previous owner, Gep Durenberyer, would stage lectures regarding antiques and design. He actually built the home with having parties and lectures in mind. How appropriate is it to have him sell the home to another talented local interior design team to carry on the legacy.

Perfect symmetry and use of collections are perfection in conjunction with the old flooring, stucco walls, antique doors and windows in this home.

Another perfect spot to showcase books and collections of treasures.

This 15th century door was the true inspiration for Gep building the Folie in 1980. The rustic antique doors and windows truly make this space feel like one is experiencing a home built in the early 1900's in Europe in the countryside. The waterfall and birds chirping make this an auditory and visual soothing explosion. One could dream of being transported in time and space. Well, until you see the plasma TV. That is the only item in this home that would give the secret away.

A breathtaking mirror placed in a small bathroom downstairs instead of the usual built in shelves. This is a great example of using large scale furniture in a small space to make it seem larger.

The homeowners love for dogs and his fun personality are revealed in this piece of art. I truly don't believe you know a person until you see their home. It speaks wonders of a homeowners personality. As you can see, this home is full of creative, fun, restrained, trained and classy items that reflect both homeowners.

This alcove in the bathroom just brings a smile to all that view upon it.
What a fun collection I would have never have known the owner cherished.

This huge mirror encrusted with roses over the small sink was really amazing and brave. But, it works within the scale of the shower and the mirrors in the room.

Custom painted door in the same style as the stairway I posted yesterday. This picture does not give this shower justice. It was a very special, relaxing and unique space.

A view off the upstairs guest patio with ceramics and lovely old paintings.

This is another view of the 10 different garden rooms on this property. It is so lush, one wonders how many people it takes to maintain this type of garden. I could get lost in each room for hours with a cup of tea and a good decorating book. It is a space that makes you want to linger and ponder.

I am off today to tour this property in all it's Christmas glory. I promise to share this week and show the other home, the Maria, this is on this property. The Maria was built in 1924 for the workers of the Doheny family to live in while they built their 6,000 square foot home a few blocks away. Oh, the beauty just continues.
Have yourself one fabulous day filled with beauty!

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Hexotica said...

Your posts have been fantastic lately! Thank-you for taking us inside these amazing homes. I share the same belief about not knowing someone until you see their home!

janettaylor said...

Amazing decorations!


Kristin said...

That door is absolutely beautiful!

Lynn Russell said...

Although I commented on your previous Gep post, I see that the point I was after is illustrated here in that the cottage was built for the Doheny workers and all. Whatever the circumstances it is forever charming.