Thursday, October 29, 2009

Living In The Colors of the Sea~ Come Visit My Parents Seaside Home That Was Featured In Romantic Homes Magazine

Ok, I know. I can't help myself. I am so proud of my parents and seeing their home in a magazine was quite a thrill. Well, more like a "really?" and "you can't be serious!" moment for all of us. We giggled a lot when we first saw the magazine. But, it was also very heart felt because the issue was the Mother's Day issue for Romantic Homes this year and it was dedicated to my Grandmother. That was a very special Mother's Day for us, indeed. Thanks to Jacqueline deMontravel, the Editor, who dedicated the issue to our mother and daughter decorating styles. That was quite a surprise. On top of that, my article was elegantly and thoughtfully written by Janet Solomon of FrenchBlue & Co.

My parents really love decorating their home, gardening and entertaining. My Mom enjoys the thrill of the hunt and picks up unusual pieces for her home on her weekend journeys to the local antique shops. She has also made friends with a few extremely talented dealers in San Clemente. They give her a jingle when special treasures arrive that may be a perfect fit. I believe this turquoise lady statue was provided by Janet Solomon of FrenchBlue & Co. Janet has quite the eye for all things unique and magical. Having her as a friend can be dangerous! Janet's home has also been in Romantic Homes magazine twice with completely different looks in each. She is one talented designer, a great friend and an inspiration. Her blog is also top notch.
It's not all work, no play! My parents are fortunate enough to play poker from time to time with Tony and Lucy Torres of Paris Flea Market. Oh... I have been able to enjoy a glass of wine, or two, with them. Their home takes you to another time and place. They have gigantic antique drop dead chandeliers in every corner of their palace. They truly are the king and queen of lighting and all things garden. Lucy also has many a wonderful ware in her beach cottage to purchase on the spot. I believe this chandelier was purchased just like that. This talented duo have been in Romantic Homes several times as well as Romantic Country. If you are in San Diego, go visit a special store Vignettes Antiques in Ocean Beach where you can view their wares. Vignette's website and blog are also gorgeous and inspirational.

My parent's had this soft green hand painted dining room table forever. But, last year they purchased the perfect chairs to match from Tony and Lucy. Collaborating with dealer friends really pays off! The custom made flowers in a french basket was designed by Whim.
It is so soothing. This is our favorite place for my Mom and I to enjoy a meal while the boys are in the den. Not a bad life, right? Hey, I am not complaining.

A piece of artwork found on a romantic weekend in Santa Barbara found a resting place in the dining room.

My Mom's "chair problem" as we like to call it. This one really might just be my favorite. It has a french hand painted scene this is truly special.

Books, books and more books. I am fortunate that my Mom has started collecting decorating and fashion design books in the last few years. She enjoys going to Whim in San Juan Capistrano to sit in luxury and browse through the latest books. I get to read through them when she is done. My Mom says having lots of books around is very Parisian and continuing our knowledge of design is a good thing.

They created symmetry with the two silk sofas being anchored by the fireplace.

They used the same three colors in the living room, dining room and master bedroom to have continuity. It also provides the ability to move chairs and accessories from room to room for a fresh look.

Books, personal pictures and candles make a house feel like a home. And, look... I see Claudia's book right here, The Paris Apartment! I believe that was one of my Mom's first decorating books. We looked through that book over and over while setting up my bachelorette pad 10 years ago. Oh... la la. I had satin sheets, a gorgeous vanity, huge Parisian inspired fabric headboard and a chandelier over my bed. I think that may have closed the deal with Mr. Fabulous! Tee hee... The wedding picture is of me on our special day nine years ago with Mr. Fabulous. (B.T.W. Mr Fabulous is blog shy, so no pictures of him allowed)

So, there you have it kids. A little gander at my parent's pad.

Who would have thought a credit manager could pull this off, right? Decorating is her escape from all those fun phone calls all week. I think she does pretty darn good for a novice. But, of course, I am partial to her and my Dad!

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T. said...

I love the Nike adjusting her sandal sculpture on the wall by the table, so nice!! COngrats to your family being featured for being Fabulous at Finding :)

janettaylor said...

I do need to buy the Chanel and Lanvin books!


Red Lipstick Style said...

Your parents home is just breathtaking! This is so exciting, we are practically neighbors! I live in North San Diego and work in south Orange County. I will check out the stores that you recomment when I have some time. I look forward to reading your blog. Your store has some wonderful things, just precious.

daisymay said...

My god no wonder they got in a magazine the house is just stunning!!

The Red Velvet Shoe said...

Ok, I'm moving to the West coast~do they have a spare room? Absolutely gorgeous, I love the "arial" shot~~I'm going to buy this issue first thing today!

Congrats to all of you!!