Friday, October 23, 2009

Chic On The Street With A Dash Of Vintage

Funky Burberry shoes with classic boys blazer, white blouse, great black belt and vintage inspired black and white skirt. Sassy yet classy.

The Chanel ballet shoes I am coveting right now. These gals are wearing vintage jewelry that I wish I could see.

A D.I.Y retro 80's jean jacket with the feathers added for dramatic effect.

Black skinny jeans that are all the rage, ladylike white blouse with a vintage jacket and KILLER platform heels.

80's jean jacket with a look that reminds me of Madonna in the 80's with a bag that looks like a Chanel replica. Very cute for a 20 something, but it may seem she forgot her pants? No?

These three young gals are professional stylists. The gal on the left is wearing Chanel eyeglasses, vintage dress and converse shoes. The gal on the right is wearing a vintage jacket with pink denim and great military style boots.

All these looks were found on and have one thing in common, a piece of retro/vintage. Some are just a dash of vintage jewelry, while others are sporting a vintage jacket. I love how all these gals are making vintage look hip. We aren't talking about a full head to toe "Grandma's" vintage look this season. Just a dash, like a dash of salt to your wardrobe. And, in this economy vintage just makes good sense, while going green. A little dash of a vintage item could cost 10%-20% versus a new retail item.
I think there is a look for every age. I could do two of them:
1. The first outfit: vintage inspired skirt, white blouse and boy blazer. This is age appropriate for me for work or play.
2. The vintage leopard jacket, white blouse and black skinny jeans with killer platforms. This is a fun date night look.
What about you? Could you see yourself in any of these looks?


janettaylor said...

Love the first Burberry sandals very much!


Kristin said...

I'm dying to bust out my Mom's vintage seventies rust colored suede knee high boots. After seeing these delightful pics I'm even more inspired!

Lizzy said...

I like them! But I'm not sure if I have the exact look like the photos you show here, BUT of course I would wear something vintage mixed with nowdays clothes, my mom still have some clothes BUT they are too small for me =( , just few things can be wearble by me.

Anonymous said...

You have discovered and presented true Vintage Gems!

Very much to like!

Miss Neira said...

I love the print in the 1st dress! so pretty!

Anonymous said...

That Is a very romantic home! The have excellent taste!