Saturday, October 17, 2009

Taylor Swift Has Won Me Over And You Might Just Agree

Ok, I've finally been won over by Talyor Swift. I am a rebel by heart. If everyone loves somebody, I am sceptical. Especially if it's "tweens" that are loving the artist. But, I had a change of heart. First I saw her on Oprah in an interview this week and tour of her home. She seems to be authentically sweet and down to earth. Then, I watched this thought provoking new music video about being 15 years old and in love. And, I was amazingly surprised by the message of the song and video. Good for her!!! Finally, finally... a good role model for our youth!!! I grew up in my teenage years with Madonna, Pat Benatar and Blonde as my role models. It is refreshing to see the new options this generation has.

She is also setting trends. Her hair is fab and the latest trend. I am loving her ivory sophisticated soft dress in the music video. Then, in the video, they nail it at the end with the classic black trench and red lips. Well done to the stylist. Cheers to all involved!


Bonjour Madame said...

I think she is adorable and her music crosses generations. I'm old enough to be her mom and I love her music!

Ash Fox said...

taylor swift is such a talented young lady. apparently she writes all of her own songs. amazing!


Dustjacket Attic said...

She does seem really nice and talented.

Love the little pic on the sidebar of you and the little one, just gorgeous.

The Red Velvet Shoe said...

My little princess just bought her first CD while spending the weekend at Aunty's house~~Taylor Swift! Of course I scoured the insert with all the words to make sure there was nothing "inappropriate" and discovered a sweet, nostalgic, talented artist! I'm listening to it more than her (White Horse is my fave :)

Kristin said...

I think she is beyond precious!

Melissa said...

I'm like you, I refuse (generally) to get into anything that teenage girls like, lol. Including Taylor swift. I'd heard the name and seen a pic, but didn't know anything about her (well, other than that Kanye thinks Beyonce is better ;-) ).

But, I clicked on that video. You're right. It's sweet. She seems sweet, and wiser than her years.

can I say, new to your blog, and I really like it. It's lovely.