Monday, June 29, 2009

Vanity for Humanity~ My Home is Where My Heart Is

Claudia Strasser, author of The Paris Apartment book and blog, has asked for all bloggers to send her pictures of your modern vanity for the Habitat for Humanity Charity.
Claudia is calling it Vanity for Humanity. I love that!

So, I got my nerves up to post these
for the cause and for Claudia.

It's like being a rookie and playing with the pros.

But, she said the less professional looking the pictures, the better.

Thank Goodness, right?

When I was a Runner I won mostly because I Had The Heart. Not because I was the Better Runner.

A Wise Man once said that the Way to get Anywhere in Life is to Just Show Up! Since most People Won't even Do That.

So, I'm Showing Up, Playing Along and Hopefully Helping.
All the above pictures were taken in my current home.

This vintage cutie is from a previous home where I was lucky enough to have all my vintage clothes and girlie treasures in one room. We named the room "Betsey Johnson" and went bold with pink on the walls. Wild... I don't have the guts for that hot pink anymore. Truth be told, Claudia's book The Paris Apartment inspired this look ten years ago. I read that book night after night. I do believe the look is timeless. Now, I am blogging about her. Life is strange, isn't it?

This beauty is a sneak peek from my Mom's home. I'll post her home next... She's the true decorating talent in the family.

Who Else has the Heart to send pictures of Your Vanity to Claudia for the Vanity for Humanity? E-mail her at Come play along with us. She needs 300 pictures by August. It doesn't have to be structured or perfect. It could be a close up of a few of your favorite items on your vanity. There is no right or wrong. Please let her know who sent ya.

I hope you enjoyed taking a little gander at my home today. Come back again. And, please be kind with your comments. I'm feeling a little nervous over here. Oh, I have to push that dang Publish Post Button Now...


Alicia said...

Oh. My. Gosh. TO DIE FOR!! Can I please come live with you?!

Fifi Flowers said...

YOUR home is FAB!!! LOVE it!

Berlin Deluxxe said...

Love it all!

Anonymous said...

Your pad is a girls dream~~your photos look great, and Claudia is a peach~~she will love you for this post and for pushing her noble cause. I'm going to take my boudoir/vanity pictures tomorrow and will be sure to mention your nudge!


Kristin said...

You sell yourself short. GORGEOUS pics!

Ms Cupcake said...

I love those photos. It looks like you are in my neck of the woods. Orange County.

Dropping by from sits. Following your blog. The weekend is almost here. Yay! I hope you have a fun weekend planned.

Ms Cupcake.
Zen Cupcake

Fashion Moment said...

Perfect post, darling! And, stunning photos!


janettaylor said...

What a great photos. So kitchy but really beautiful...


Hexotica said...

Your house is beautiful and is completely worthy of Paris Apartment status! Vanities have long been my favorite piece of furniture so I'll definitely send her a picture of mine. I The Paris Apartment by my bedside and would have loved to have that look one day--but now I live with a minimalist boyfriend! :(

Redness said...

Your vanity pic brought me here ... thank you for making my vision real ;)