Monday, June 8, 2009

Leaving the Mask at the Door

You know, I started this blogging deal to show the world my wares from my vintage clothing website. But, blogging has taken on a life of it's own lately. I am at the point where I don't care if a sell a stitch of clothing. It's not about me anymore. Thank God. I have been touched in on so many levels by all the amazing fierce warriors in blogland that have left their masks at the door . I had to share a few of my favs that really left a lasting impression.

Sex Ed @"Putting the Porn back into Decorno" that is actually a decorating blog. Freaking hillarious and oh so wrong on so many levels.

Seriously scandalous at the Scandalous Housewives blog "I'll have what she's having". She is on the highway to hell. With a HUGE smile. She cracks me up and says what I've been thinking sometimes. Especially about her boring Mommy parties and Cougie Water (vino).

OK, my only true unveil was my post "Angels with Wings". I feel like such a coward. But, if I was crying while I wrote it. Does that count?

Ok, it's not all fun and games. I found this amazingly open, honest and heartfelt blog by mistake called I am an addict. Ya... I can see you shaking your head. Anyway, really I was looking for a fashion blog called Because I'm Addicted. Well, I was happily surprised and taken a back by this candid blog about his addiction. His post "My Mess". But, it's dated 2005. Where is he?

There are no words to describe this. Thumping my Melon: The Last Thump.

If there was a post that really made in impression on you or where you bared your soul, please share. I would love to hear about it and will not judge.
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FrenchBlue said...

Dear Christina,
Looks like your having too much fun over here!!
I am happy you are! Thanks for the mention of Frenchblue and keep flying high~ your wings are soaring~~

the paris apartment said...

Hi Christina, great blog! I can't wait to check out your recommendations. Just saw your RH press, I love Janet and look forward to your article!