Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chanel Goes Edwardian~ Paris Fall Runway 2009/2010

In response to a fellow bloggers request for "What to wear for Fall?". Here you are, darling... You can never go wrong with classic Chanel black and white. It is timeless elegance for any age. And, when you just need a punch of color, mix it up with a soft pink or jade green. Lots of other designers have gone with the basic black, white and red combination for Fall. "Red is the new black" and all. But, I think the pink & jade combination is so fresh. The new jade green jewellery is a KILLER, must have. Just an FYI, the white cuffs are removable so you can throw those on after wearing the basic black suit during the day to spice it up for evening.
Genius. Karl, you have done it again.
What do you think? Does this inspire you?
Photos and video found @ coutorture


Sherin said...

Wow, I love those pieces. I can't wait for winter now. I love that first one!


My favorite colour scheme for the coming winter is definitely black, white and, most importantly, that gorgeous jade green. I think it's an extremely stylish colour, but then again, I'm biased ;)
LOVE the second outfit!

Kristin said...

Black, white and jade green. Mmmmmm. Beautiful combo!

Alicia said...

i'm drooling right now! i LOVE the cuffs....seriously LOVE THEM!! and the jade is of my fav colors to wear!

janettaylor said...

Of course. One of my fave collection. Brilliant!