Friday, August 21, 2009

Urban Spark Jewellery Line and GIVEAWAY~ "Real Accessories for Real Women"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Set up in 2008, Accessory company Urban Spark has flourished from a business in Jewellery to a haven where real women embrace their natural beauty through beautiful accessories. I had a chance to interview Nikki Bruce regarding their unique mission statement and quality jewelry.

Their mission is to provide "real accessories for real women". "We are made up of three people in total, myself & Nikki Strange design and manage everything creative, Steve Byles overlooks and guides us with his business experience.

We have not been launched on the web for long but have been building a community and using social networks to sell our products and advertise what we believe in. Everything we sell we believe should be like a present, it should be more of a gift from Urban Spark to you. You buy a product from us you are funding us to create new products and building your Urban Spark community. We encourage our customers to send us photos of how they wear our products as well as to show off their unique style.

When we hired our models we wanted to use real girls, Hardip and Maddie, students From Portsmouth University and Rachel from Wiltshire found through a friend of a friend connection. When they came to the photo shoot we wanted them to do their hair as if they were going on a night out and not really change their normal style at all. Hardip had tattoos all up her back stomach and legs, we loved this because it’s her style. We kept them in black to highlight the jewellery but hopefully the next shoot we can let them be a bit more adventurous with what they wear (we didn’t want to falsely advertise other peoples products also).

The Video we wanted to be a bit of fun, showing people our attitude on life, its remembering that feeling of excitement. When we visited the play area Nikki and I wanted to just jump right in, this idea of just letting loose and having fun almost not caring what you look like is what we aspire to. The reason for the girls to strip off was simply because their clothes where restricting them from running faster. The final naked scene was the risky one for us, we wanted to shock our audience a little and mimic that feeling of feeling being comfortable with yourself and free as well as making our audience laugh. Time will tell if we achieved this but hopefully our love for life nature will come across.

The first collection inspired by the ocean (the old Portsmouth coast) which is called “Jules” we named this after a picture book that inspired us of the classic Jules Vern tale Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (a tad cliché of us but we loved it). The second collection hoping to come after Christmas ready for summer is “Rosa” designed fully by myself is inspired by gardens. Nikki Strange currently is developing a new collection about exploration which will follow shortly after. Other products are a range of scarf’s and possible bags which will be in before Christmas.

The Design of the website was so important to us as we wanted it to be something a customer could enjoy, shopping should be a exciting experience. The Urban Spark website is our shop floor so we designed it in that very way, everything on the first page has meaning to us, the dinosaur, guinea pig, phone, beautiful staircase and story book all apart our story/journey. We wanted it to be genuine, even to the colour purple, the colour of Portsmouth University, where Nikki and I studied and loved.

Our plans over the next few months is to really focus on getting our Urban Spark community running, to learn and find out what our customers want from us, giving them more control. With each collection we organize small parties to let our customers decide which designs go through to samples. Hopefully once we are a bit more established we can do this on a larger scale and really become a company that makes designs for their community of customers specifically." They have just been included this week into the hip Catwalk Genius website. You can also find their daily musings on their fun blog here.

These young and talented gals are set to take the world by storm. One Real Woman At A Time...

In the spirit of giving, Urban Spark would like to give a Fabulous Finds Gal "follower" one of their amazing quality pieces. All you have to do is leave me a comment on this post. Please become a follower or confirm that you already are in the comment. Let me know which item you like from this post or visit the website to view the line in it's entirety. A special someone, that resides within the U.S.A., will be chosen on Saturday, September 4th.


Shooting Stars Mag said...

i'm following and from this post, I really liked the starfish's hard to see some of them, but that one was really fun looking.

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

sinnlighet said...

Must tell you, your blog is still going a Rolls Royce!!

Regards from Agneta in Sweden

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

my favorite is the rhinestone star bracelet!!

Couture Carrie said...

Love their mission statement and all these fab pieces, especially the swirly sparkly bracelet above!


janettaylor said...

WOW! What fab pieces! YAY! Myyyy!

X ♥ X ♥

sinnlighet said...

Number one... yes please!! A will send a mail to you tomorrow. You can have a look on my blog today, if you like o;)

Agneta, the social workers from Sweden

CocktailChic said...

I am in love with this jewelry & the next paycheck I get is def going to buying a few pieces. They are so creative and fabulous! My fav piece is the Starfish Statement Bracelet. Thanks so much for posting this!