Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's A Chair Thing

Check out this outrageous chair and bench collection from Jimmie Martin LTD. I found these on The Urban Lifestyle Decor blog. Glam and grunge put together. A masterpiece.

I saw these chairs and thought to myself, if this is what I can find while blogging then I am IN! So, I have patiently waited until I was feeling a little chair fetish. Now is the time to reveal these beauties. This crow chair is out of this world. I want it in mine!

And, for you dog lovers. Isn't this amazing!

Who would have thought to have a recipe on a chair?

Graffiti on a bench. I would love this for a piano bench to go with our black piano and leopard carpet in the music room. Hint... hint... my darling.

I could see a powerhouse gal like Drew Barrymore, Demi Moore or Madonna sporting this chair in her office. Or, in a ultra chic and modern space and this piece sitting as a piece of art to make you smile. What a fun piece to just giggle every time you looked upon it.

Simple compared to the rest this beauty is still over the top, but classic. This chair has inspired me to paint my plain black leather chair just like this one with something really wild. I haven't decided what exactly to paint yet. If you creative genius's out there have any suggestions, I am open!

And, if you don't like his chairs...

(Just kidding!!!) This baby is sold on the site.
So, someone other than me has a twisted sense of humor.

Happy Mother's Day, birthday and Christmas to me! My hubby gave me this chair of my dreams from Ron Soares formally the proprietor of San Clemente Antiques. Ron teased us by having us keep this chair for him for a few months while he settled into his new home. Well, we obviously feel in love with the carved wood and it's unique shape during that time. The back of the 1800's chair is carved from one piece of gorgeous dark wood and has the original gold oriental silk uphostery. Since I love old fabrics, can not change it until it is shredding. And, when we saw the exact chair it in the picture above in Gloria Vanderbilt's home where she has recreated her room when she was 16 years old. We had to have it. Ok, I had to have it. Then, the talking my hubby into it began.

On the more conservative and Parisian side of things, this gorgeous canvas/burlap upholstered chair can be found at The Paris Hotel Boutique. I can see this just about anywhere and with anything. Simple but with an updated twist. Nice. Anywhere. Simple, yet effective.
What do you think? Which chair fits your personality today?


FrenchBlue said...

OH Oh Oh I can't believe Calvin bought you THAT Gorge chair!! You are the deserving one of all things beautiful~
Happy Mother's Day!!!

Berlin Deluxxe said...

All these chairs fascinate me! I have to admit, it's a tie between the raven one and the Doxies. And what a lovely gift from your husband :) How lucky is that?

Miss Kris said...

Ooooh la la Christina ~ I think after visiting must be YOU!!! What a Beautiful & Fun Post! I would love to have the last chair, so chic!!! Although the first would be a DELIGHT! AND coversational!!!

Au Revoir! Miss Kris

Tiana Couture's Addict said...

Those green chair...irresistible!love it

Tracy M. said...

Yes I too have a twisted sense of humor so guess which one I like best? tee hee
Seriously though they are all lovely.
First time to your blog. Love it!
Take Care,
Tracy M.

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

my favorite look is the recipe chair - though it would be better with something other than a recipe. the weiner dog is pretty cute too!!

vicki archer said...

These chairs are just crazy - but I love them, xv.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

All of them! How fun they are. Some would fit in more than others around here, but still, they are all so great. Thanks for sharing them with us.
xo Lidy

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Oooh.........I love them all. what a great selection and with a little humour too. I love that! Fun blog.