Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy 37th Anniversary to My Parentals!!!

Mom and Dad, Shirley and Jim, getting hitched in Vegas May 27, 1972. They dated a year and a half before Dad came around. Mom says she chased him until he finally caught her. There are a few wild tales from their courting times. Dad walking down the street with broad (ha.. ha..) and Mom jumping out of the VW while it was still running... down the street. Dang... And, another episode of Mom going through a window in his apartment to shred all his work ties.

Dad proposing over a couple of drinks on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend while they were partying with a few couples. My Mom's girlfriend telling Dad that's not a funny thing to joke around about getting married. My Dad was a joker. A few more drinks, calling a sitter, and a frenzy of packing and driving to Vegas. Mom driving frantically to Vegas while Dad was passed out (too many drinks Daddy?) and hoping he wouldn't change his mind when he woke from his obvious drunken stupor. Dad having to pull Mom away from the 5 cent slots to get married. How my beautiful Mother had dirty hands from the coins as they exchanged vows. Oh, what a fairy tale it is...

I have three things to say:

1. Dad, couldn't you see she was crazy? You should have RUN while you could! You had your chance. You get NO sympathy now!

2. Mom, where Ken and I in the VW as it went down the street with no driver? I bet anything the answer is yes. These days, Mom would be put in the slammer for such a stunt. But, hey, those were the 70's. That's when I sat on the car floor since there wasn't a passenger seat. (Does anyone worry how we survived? Reminds me of that e-mail about how did we all survive the 70's )

3. Nice curly mustache Dad. How very Tom Selleck of you.

So, they have obviously worked out their differences in lifestyle choices, united, raised a couple of kids, lived the great suburban life and still talk& laugh after 38 1/2 of being together. They make it look easy. Ken and I love you both very much!!!! Thanks for being the best parents and grandparents for our kids that any son or daughter could image. Kiss... Kiss...

So, be careful this weekend! Don't do anything MY PARENTS would do!!!


Ken said...

Nice work sissy!! There are some stories here that I have never heard, interesting!!

FrenchBlue said...

Wow... I never realized this pair was such wild childs!! Wishing Shirley & Jim a very happy 37 years together. If you ask me, they both won a winner! Happy Anniversary!!

Kimberly said...

Oh the stories!! My favorite story is how Shirley used to send herself flowers to make Jim jealous....I will save the juicy ones for next time your down over a cocktial! Kimberly

FrenchBlue said...

You are a doll! as always:)
And Jim,
You are the man for sure!
Love you both!!

Vintage Boutique Girl said...

Sounds like a movie waiting to be made! Happy Days to you as you all celebrate!