Monday, May 18, 2009

Fantasy, Glamour, Art and Clothing All Happily Collide with The Blonds

"For a woman who dares to be different- or for the weary fashion journalist- the Phillipe & David Blond collection was a welcome respite from the ordinary, an all-too-brief sojourn into a wonderful universe where fantasy, glamour, art and clothing, all happily collide." by Julia Sirmons.

This fierce design duo from New York really know how to put on a runway show and bring out the glam in any woman. I was unaware of this design team until I luckily stumbled came upon them via the glamorous Blonde and Red blog. I was taken aback by the glamour, beauty and originally I looked upon. I had one of those moments when you go "What is this!" I found that I loved every piece, some for being romantic and flirtatious and other's just because they are out of this world. When I came across Fergie in the Viva Glam corset I thought I had found home. I've always adored that ad and wondered who designed that outrageous outfit. I chose to share this time around the out of this world, sexy corset style show pieces. I'll have to share the gorgeous ready to wear sun dresses shortly. But, I thought I should go for the gusto first. I truly hope this blows your mind like it did for me. And, Debra Harry rocks it! Love her. Age? What age. It's all about attitude.

Spring Runway Show 2009

And the Gorgeous Celebrities


Christina Aguilera

Britney Spears

Debra Harry from Blonde

Jenna Jameson

Dita Von Teese

David & Phillipe Blond the design duo

If you could raid their closet and put on a private show for someone special, which Is YOUR FANTASY OUTFIT?


Blonde and Red said...

Awesome!!! Nice touch with the quote! And thank you so much for mentioning my blog!

Michelle said...

I'd have to go for the Jenna (altered just a bit!) or Dita dress, Such glamour and fashion art~~great post you!