Thursday, May 14, 2009

For the Love of Music: Concrete Dreams by Tristan Clopet Versus Superficiality is a Sin by Tristan & the Juice

I am happy to share a new talent, Tristan Clopet, with my dear friends. He has the rock, soul and funk combination that I crave in his new album Duende EP by Tristan & the Juice. This is date night groove music at it's finest. He sounds a bit like the Red Hot Chili Peppers (from the OC), Blood, Sweat & Tears and Jeff Buckley. I find it refreshing. I've been into Coldplay, Nina Simone and Toole lately , so this is a nice cold drink of water for me. I hope you enjoy and see Tristan & the Juice are upcoming talents with lots of soul, rock and funk. We all need a bit of funk in our lives during these funky times and Tristan delivers. Tristan & the Juice will be playing at the Florida Grammy Showcase and Pulp Live. Tristan also has over 40,000 hits on his MySpace. Check out more about Tristan & the Juice and their upcoming shows at their website and his new blog.

I was able to download this additional video today with Tristan & the Juice playing "Superficiality is a Sin". Oh, I'm feeling the soulful funk this song delivers. This is my pick for today. This is the kind of good feeling music I need everyday to take those cares away...

Which song are YOU FEELING TODAY?


lisa golightly said...

So love this music .... thank you for adding something wonderful(again) to my day !

So So Fabulous said...

My say is Tristan's acoustic of "Concrete Dreams" because it's such a tragic song, but he makes it magical.