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Why Do Men Cheat? The Third Stage Of Love For Men Is Fidelity

Well girls, your dream man has finally worked through the "decide" stage of love and has decided to be committed to you. Now, the next stage is where it gets tricky. As you give him the space he craves, a ton of loving attention, possibly are creating a home, working and raising children; he on the other hand is battling with ongoing fidelity issues. Fidelity is the third stage of love for men and is quite an eye opener.



"Loyalty- the quality or state or an instance of being loyal
synonym see FIDELITY

Loyal- 1 : unswerving in allegiance: as a : faithful in allegiance to one's lawful sovereign or government b : faithful to a private person to whom fidelity is due c : faithful to a cause, ideal, custom, institution, or product
2 : showing loyalty
3 : obsolete : LAWFUL, LEGITIMATE
synonym see FAITHFUL

Why do men cheat? First of all men do not cheat. Cheating implies that we (MEN AND WOMEN) are playing some sort of game. If both partners in a relationship are serious then nobody is playing any games. To understand MENS approach towards women you have to explore the deepest parts of their mind. If we all want to get out of the crisis that is American relationships then I am sorry but we are going to have to get SCIENTIFIC. The only three words to counter that would be TESTOSTERONE! TESTOSTERONE! TESTOSTERONE! It is this chemical that flows in large proportions throughout men that gives men that good old fashion SEX URGE. That urge to look at countless women while at the same time holding hands with the woman we love. That urge that gives men the capacity to be with woman after woman just for the sex of it instead of the emotional connection. Ladies men don't cheat, men follow the course of what nature has decreed to be the chief chemical that makes them seek as many sexual encounters as possible. Does this mean that testosterone rids men of personal responsibility? NO! Does this mean that testosterone gives all men an access pass authorized by nature to allow men to be WRECKLESS in their relationship? NO! What it does mean though is that a man BY NATURE is designed to go from woman to woman? A mans sex urges flow through his body every hour. That is man's cycle. The cycle may take place in actual thoughts or it may show itself as the sheer stimulation that a man feels just because of the makeup of testosterone. Compare this cycle with the 28 days of a woman. To compare the two and say that men are just like women would be absolutely ridiculous. Since the main chemical that regulate the makeup of women is ESTROGEN, the concept of going from person to person may seem somewhat immoral and non-committal to women. This would also mean that NATURE would allow MEN to be barbaric and savage with the inability to settle down and be a part of a loving relationship with a woman. So to solve this problem NATURE being all purposeful and all knowing came up with the solution of having more then one MARITAL SYSTEM.

What does all this talk of SCIENCE AND MARITAL SYSTEMS have to do with INFIDELITY and men being unfaithful? It means that the way in which we choose to commit and the type of marital system that we choose to operate under is a hidden cause of unfaithfulness. If the women far outnumber men in the world by the millions we have to totally re-evaluate whether or not MONOGAMY OR INDUSTRIAL marriage is the best choice for a society that promotes promiscuity and does not take into account the MAJOR differences that make both genders different and unique. So called cheating is committed by a man in one of two ways. The mans decision to cheat is either PREMEDITATED OR SPONTANEOUS. To fully understand how each one takes place means delving into the deepest part of a MAN'S NATURE. Once the man becomes bored and uninterested in a relationship then his mind starts to wonder. If the woman becomes nagging and a nuisance then the man will slowly consider the relationship a burden instead of a benefit. Remember ladies, men in some ways are like children so it is very important to be aware when your man is becoming disinterested. It is at this point that the idea of having another woman may be more temping to him. He starts to contemplate dealing with someone else without you knowing about it. To most men the idea of having a wife to settle down with and live his nice wholesome life as well as a mistress that doesn't stress him out and is available for the man to talk to without any friction is very appealing. This falls along the lines of Premeditated cheating. On the end is the spontaneous cheating. This happens on the whim. This isn't planned and it doesn't occur because the man is becoming dissatisfied. This occurs because the man has the opportunity to deal with another woman and simply because he can deal with one he will deal with one. Just because a man deals with another woman doesn't mean that he loves the woman or cares about her, it just means that the man has succumb to his urges and has temporarily discarded his commitments.

This type of behavior is detrimental and can cause serious heartache to the woman that gives her heart and time to a man just have him deal with another woman. Ladies to avoid this you may have to embrace the notion of allowing your man to have more then one WIFE. marriage. Industrial marriage deals with one man and one woman. Monogamy is just one parent or single parent household contrary to popular belief. Industrial marriage is set up to stabilize the household because both parents have to work outside the home. This type of marriage is setup up out of forced conditions not necessarily loving and feeling conditions. Monogamy or single parent households are the result of extreme conditions and leave the one parent with no other choice but to take on the role of MOTHER AND FATHER. To eliminate this, POLYGAMY will organize an other wise chaotic institution of marriage into one that is organized and spiritual. Men going from woman to woman is both the calling of nature and at most times the calling of a high level of insecurity and false masculinity on the part of men. Regardless of which marital system you choose to settle down and marry into, the most important thing is to seriously assess the maturity level of the man you choose. It doesn't matter if you are or the system is organize, a man has to first learn DISCIPLINE. POLYGAMY DOES NOT GUARANTEE THAT A MAN WILL BE RESPONSIBLE AND MATURE. It is a system. And like all systems it has to operated in a certain way. And in this system the woman chooses who the other wives should be. To operate under this system the man has to be strong and a warrior. Not someone that is concerned with being a PIMP. He has to be serious about life and business. And ironically, this same seriousness is also needed if you decide to practice the more common marriages that we practice today. The moral of this story is that the man is the MORAL. In any relationship a man has a vow to be upfront with the woman he chooses and avoid the pitfalls of acting forever young and refusing to GROW UP, BE MEN AND START LEADING WOMEN IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION."


Is this guy a Mormon and actually for real? He had me thinking he had some validity, but now I am seriously questioning his sanity.
According to him we should just let our husband have two wives because the poor guy has a surge of testosterone running through is veins every hour? REALLY?
And, I am sure that would just take care of ALL the infidelity issues, right? Jeez, why stop at two wives, why not just do an even dozen so he can have a harem and give him lots of options. So, basically your husband regresses back to his old single days with his harem intact and all us poor wives stay loyal to this dead beat as we wait our turn for him?
Makes perfect sense to me... not.

I would love to hear what you think of this one!

(I just remembered a sweet Mormon boy that I dated in High School must have been grooming me to be his "head wife". His crazy mother would show me the recent baby clothes she had acquired for "us" every time I went over there, while her over hundred kookoo wall clocks chimed. Kookoo...kookoo. That should have been my first clue to run like hell, especially since I was only 16 years old. What a joy it would have been to be able to choose his other wives. Thank Goodness I came to my senses, otherwise I would be typing from hell, you know...Utah).

Love and light,

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Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Oh my gosh, you scared the crap out of me... I thought YOU wrote that until I got down to the end of course.
I wanted to date a hot Mormon in High School too... Mom and Dad would not let me... You're making me glad I obeyed them!

Couture Carrie said...

Really intriguing post, darling!


Scientific Housewife said...

That is fascinating and scary at the same time.