Friday, April 10, 2009

Let's See What's at the End of the Trail~ Whim's Garden

Would you like to continue our garden adventure? What beautiful flowers found in our secret garden. Did they put those there just for our enjoyment?

What have we found here? A bird sanctuary! How tranquil and unexpected. Oh, the sound of birds and water are like heaven on earth in this lovely garden.

A fountain overflowing with cactus. Wow!

Another view of the magnificent cactus. Gorgeous! Are we getting close?

An Easter bunny!!!

Look at those flowers!

Oh, this is truly beautiful. What a special treat! Thanks for going with me on this special journey through our secret garden. May your Easter be filled with love, magic and bewilderment of the beauty that surrounds us.

Thank you to the owners of Whim in San Juan Capistrano for inviting us on a special tour through their magnificent grounds at their home. Happy Easter to all!

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