Sunday, April 12, 2009

Do you believe in the Easter bunny?

Do you believe in the Easter bunny? Do you go all out for Easter? Welcome to my parents home that is decorated in full force for Easter with bunnies and more bunnies. My son, Christian, always looks forward to the annual Easter egg hunt at Granna and Poppi's house.

Alright! The first egg found!

The hunt is on for the 34 Easter eggs hidden everywhere in the garden.

Found another one!

Poppi helps Christian with the search.

Where or where can they be?

A child's special garden chair and another egg hidden under the tree.

Christian is so proud of his and Granna's Easter decorating in his room at their home. You would have thought he planned it all himself! At least, he does.

Special Easter baskets made with love by Granna

I used to tease my Mom about decorating all out for each occasion. But, I have begun to understand why. We are all thrilled to see the wonderment in my son's face and his huge gasps when he sees all the decorations. Thanks to him, I can see the magic of these holidays all over again.

Thanks to everyone that still brings on the magic of the Easter bunny and Santa for all us nonbelievers. Happy Easter!

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