Friday, April 17, 2009

It's Heating Up

It is heating up in Cali today. Not bikini weather, but the need to find a cute sundress has overtaken me. And, it seems many others. The stores were buzzin' with gals with the same idea as I had today. So, thought I would bring to you my summers best. For you special customers no parking, beating down the crowds, and finding the same dress as the gal next to you. May I present a few one of kind items that NO ONE else will be wearing to that birthday party, day in the Hamptons, barbecue or beach party. All these dresses can be found at Fabulous Finds & Co. There are descriptions and sizing found on our website.
I passed on a shoulder baring little number today and found a gal wearing it at the next store. Well... she looked cute. But, how many are out there? Besides not running into your same outfit, vintage gives the advantage of going green. That's why I wear vintage boots and jackets.
Cheers to summer my ladies! Thanks so much for taking the time to check this out!

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lisa golightly said...

I'm on the hunt for some cute dresses as well ... LOVE the top one ... did it come in black or white ? Dying to to have an summer evening dinner party in a flowy maxi dress ( just like my mom in the 70s ! )