Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Follow Me...Into the Garden of Whim

Rested? Good. Follow me into the secret garden.

Who do have we here? Do you think he sees us? Let's go the other way...

Oh, I thought I heard the sound of water. Isn't that a lovely sound?

Who do we have here? A little fisherman trying to catch the huge fish.

Hi there! Caught anything today? Which way do we go?

Oh, you have a friend around the corner? Thanks!

We made it. His friend has quite a Serene spot. I'm hot.

Do you think he would mind if we take a dip? Ok, I'll ask him. Wow! He said we can!

Let's feed our bodies and our souls by taking a break inside this quaint al fresco spot. Let's continue on our walk afterwards to find where this trail goes. Bon Appetite!