Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sheer Elegance

Sheer elegance is difficult to accomplish. But, not for the ladies. They have created the perfect balance with this fashion trend. Kylie Minogue walks the tight rope perfectly with her sheer lace form fitting dress.
I am loving the elegant black beading design with the sheer and the addition of dark black tights and shoes on "Heroes" star Hayden Panetiene. The tights, dark nails and pulled back hair really tone down the sexiness and class up this outfit.

I wish, i wish... I could see this in person. The details looks amazing, even when photographed. Although, this almost boarders on a dress with a bit too much going on. But, she really knows how to work a dress and look so graceful.

Singer Adrienne Balion and NY Jets Darrelle Revis looking hot. Adrienne is in a solid black cocktail length with sheer details turn a 80's favorite into a modern look. Her hair being slickly pulled back helps balance the sexiness of the dress and gives it a modern twist.

This sassy fringe and sheer combo on Eva Longoria is perfection with it's balance of sexy, flirty and ladylike details.

Hot salsa dancing romantic number
on Disney star Vanessa Hudgens. This dress makes me want to go dancing.

I am adoring this adorable and age appropriate dress on Disney star Selena Gomez.
And, check out those acrylic heels with the black bow! This gal has it going on and at such a young age.

Hot little 1980's metallic details with sheer number found at Om Again Vintage. This shop is really packed with so many vintage dresses and eras to choose from!

Fabulous 1980's black stretchy cocktail dress with pearl details on the shoulders found at Fabulous Finds & Co.

Oh so cute reconstructed hot pink and black dress with flirty black lace bottom found at Fabulous Finds and Co.

What do you think?
Who wore it best?
Is wearing sheer up your alley?


All celebrity photos found at New York Daily
Metallic sheer found at Om Again Vintage
Last two photos found at Fabulous Finds and Co.


Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous ladies; fabulous dresses!
I love sheer!


BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Christina,
I thing the first lace dress is my favorte! I just love lace! Hope you had a lovely weekend,

janettaylor said...

Kylie! :D

Ash Fox said...

i'm obsessed with the sheer polka dot sleeves!!!


Kristin said...

Selena looks beyond adorable! Love love love those polka dots!

MizzJ said...

Love this look! Sexy, while being modest.