Friday, August 6, 2010

Small in Size, But Packing A Big Punch~ Designer Nicole Gibbon's Apartment

Small in size, but packing a big punch, this
classy and sassy 650 square foot apartment in Harlem created and lived in by interior designer and fellow blogger, Nicole Gibbons.

I found this gem of a home at Apartment Therapy.
I adore the mixture of textures, finishes and subtle colors
that open up the small space. Also, I am loving the fact
that she didn't overwhelm the space
with too many accessories.

You will notice that every piece of furniture is used as storage and is the perfect scale while adding additional surfaces for displaying collections. Nicole mixes antiques from travels with modern pieces in a fresh way to convey her unique personality.

What designer doesn't have a ton of design books. This table is genius for storing her favorites right next to her special reading place in the living room. And, her Asian treasures and flower seem to fit just perfectly on the table while using a modern light for reading.

Nicole did invest in the best mattress possible, since she says we all spend one-third of our lives in bed. Monogrammed linens really set the tone for this luxurious bed, while the padded headboard calls to you to jump on in and read a book in comfort. The large side tables provide a grand space for treasures and great storage as well.

Here is the 650 square foot floor plan. Nicole created a special home that has a grand feel while being comfortable, classic and modern. Check out her haute blog that is appropriately called So Haute for more design tips and all things lovely.

What do you like best about her home or
what tricks do you have for opening up a space?

Love and light,

Photos and article found at Apartment Therapy


janettaylor said...

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Absolutely Ladylike said...

Small and absolutely lovely...the bedding is gorgeous.

Have a wonderful summer dear Christina.

Cheers: Evi

costume jewellery said...

I like the bedding. This apartment reminds me of Carrie's in Sex and the city!