Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"My Hair" by Mencita Monoi Angel

Don't you ever dare to cut my long hair
It would just not be fair
It does make me feel dressed
And seems like a fluid caress

Don’t you ever dare to steal my hair
Having long braids of a pair
Wavy cascades down the spine
Think of drinking some lovely vine

Don’t you ever dare to pull my hair
Only if lost in real despair
Using all your tender fingertips
On some sensual inviting hips

Don’t you ever dare to blow my hair
Even so you cant stop to stare
Snaky curls bustling around
Look at them but keep to the ground

Don’t you ever dare to touch my hair
If not being able to take care
Colors and strands of hazelnut
For sure it will never ever be cut

Don’t you ever dare to comb my hair
It’s as floating in the breezy air
Fluid like a woven golden lace
Lovely long and shiny embrace

My hair dresses me nicely
My hair is my jewellery
My hair belongs only to me

Poem by Mencita (Carmen) Monoi Angel

How important is your hair to you?
What does it mean to you?
What lengths do you go to get your hair cut
or style just right?

Photo credits: All found on Photobucket.


VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Hello,dear Chtistina:-)*

What a lovely,just great post...
My hair is indeed realy important for me,I coloured them little bit with a hair lighting(basic is dark brouwn) and styling is also nessesary for me:-)))*

Sometimes,I know...the beautiful hair makes a good day!!!


Maggi said...

I love having longer hair...but then I get bored and cut it off. lol This poem is great and I love the images you picked!