Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hollywood Glamour at the Oscars 2010

Here are my favorites this year for the most beautiful dresses
and overall glamorous looks.
Sandra Bullock takes the Oscar and wins my heart for the most beautiful dress with the most exquisite beading on the top.

Jennifer Lopez looked like a fairy tale. I hear she practiced walking
in this flowing gown to pull this off with ease.

Kate Winslet's necklace and glamorous hair saved her.
I don't think the bottom of the dress is flattering, it looks cheap and the color is just flat on her.
I think blondes need a more sparkle or color in their dresses and red lips. But, she still made the list.

Amanda Seyfried is a young gal knows how to poise and pull her shoulders back. I adore the huge cuff/bracelets on her for a younger and funky look with such a grown up dress.

Demi Moore? I seriously didn't even recognize her!
Other than that shocking fact, she looks so beautiful and look at the layers of this dress. Although, she really needs to go eat a cheeseburger. I hope she isn't going to start shrink away like James Cameron's poor wife.

Cameron Diaz looking the best I have ever seen her in old school glamour.
I love her soft hair, ivory skin and red lips. Perfection. Especially for a Southern California surfer girl.

Elizabeth Banks looking like a movie star in this lavender flowy gown.

Meryl Steep looks gorgeous and age appropriate.
I adore white on her, but didn't love her hair.

I adore RDJ, but what is up with his shoes? I did love the blue glasses and bow tie. He really looked handsome and happy. So, he would have been perfect if he just put on the right shoes.
But, his wife's dress, Susan Downey, is absolutley stunning. I mean, hello, look at that body. You have to give it up to a gal that can pull of horizontal stripes!
It might have been better to see her hair pulled back and with giant earrings.
But, she does look beautiful just the way she is here.

Unlike Joan's fashion police on E, I thought Tina Fey looked gorgeous
and this dress showed off her tiny little waist and hip with the symmetry.

Sarah Jessica Parker. Ok, what do you think? I love it and think she owns it. I also loved her hair. But, I am sure lots of you may disagree with me. But, I adore Chanel. I don't think this deserves to be on the worst dressed fashion police on E.

Quintin Tarintino and Diane Kruger. I loved this dress when I saw it from the front. But, know that I see the side view I am really questioning the ruffles on the hips and bottom. Who really needs that much material gathered in that area?
What do you think?

Zoe Saldana. I love the rhinestone top, but with the bottom I just think this dress has too much going on for a petite lady to pull off. I love the colors on the bottom though. What do you think?

I was surprised how many shades of blue dresses there was on the red carpet. Also, the amount of dresses that seems to be ill fitting or just plain too small. And, the poor posture on many of the younger actresses. I decided to vote out most of the all satin gowns, since of the wrinkles. But, hey, it's easy to sit on my computer and judge away...

Who was your favorite and least favorite?
Please share, my pretties!


All photos found at Academy Awards 2010


Jackie said...

Great post! I always enjoy your photos! Thank you for becoming a follower!
Have a good week!

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Hi Christina,

Great post and I agree with you 100%! I loved Elizabeth Banks gown, beautiful vintage feel with a modern twist. I think the worst was Charlize Theron, my eye kept focusing on her roses! lol


Kristin said...

I ADORED Demi's gown. So so beautiful. I also loved Diane's...but the ruffles on the bum are a bit much.

Hexotica said...

I agree with most of what you think about all these gorgeous dresses, but I just don't understand why everybody always chooses such conservative, neutral colors! It's spring time in the northern hemisphere, bring on the color! All the blonds look washed out.
Zoe Saldana's dress is pretty colorful, but I agree it was too busy.