Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wabi & Sabi~ Finding Out Who Is Behind This Creative, Unique and Oh So Inspiring Blog

As summer beach days come to a close, my thoughts go to my fellow bloggers that inspire me so. One of the many blog friends that do so is Wabi & Sabi. I was seriously curious about this person behind the blog. If you have seen it, you know... it's simply Wabi & Sabi. She is like no other. My first question to her was.... "are you an artist"? I needed to get behind the curtain and she was willing to share.

Wabi & Sabi covers everything from photography, clothing, home decor and anything that is beautiful, unique, off the beaten path and inspirational...

Some of it is crazy, but it is always eye opening and inspiring...

She shares with us:

"To sum up me as a person you could say that i'm a 50+ woman who lives in the begining of a new and luxorious lifechapter. My blog is very representive of me. It becomes a window to my soul and personality. I love to create and i would love to do this fulltime. if i could go back in time i would have tried to become an furniture and household designer or a photographer. But now i have to do the best of my life as a devoted socialmanager and thereby spend my sparetime doing what i love. I live in the southern part of Sweden, very close to Copenhagen and Danmark. People use to call this part of Sweden, Ă–sterlen, for 'the swedish Provence'. And here lives exremely many artist and other creationary people.

A couple of years ago i opend up a wonderful antiqeshop. But got bankrupt after a year, i'm a terrible buissneswoman ;) Money means nothing to me, except for when the money takes me to India. India is the country where i can imagine myself getting old. i will soon be travelling there again. The country has the same life values that i have. Dignity, pride, goodness, beauty and a love for the human race.

Dont know if this got you an idea of me as a person... But i can add that i have three grown up sons who all accepts that their mother has a very uniqe freedomneed, a very unconventional way of thinking perhaps... I want to give energy through my blog, i dont care if its someones elses creation or arts that is beeing presented. Right now i'm trying to learn to handle my new, very expensive digital camera. But i cant find the time to learn all the technical stuff."
~~This gal gives me an energy bolt each and every day I visit her. I am so blessed to have such a creative person feeding into my being. So, if you crave that as well, check out our new friend, Wabi & Sabi. Enjoy friends and kindly let her know who sent you on over.
If you know me, you know that I don't get personal too often. My Dad, JV, is having surgery tomorrow on his calf. If anyone feels like sending some love and prayers our way, it is much appreciated. He is amazing and has taught me so very much about being honest, kind, family oriented and to have integrity. Thank you.
Question of The Day... What have your learned from your fellow bloggers or your Dad?
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Laura Trevey said...

I'm so glad you introduced her to us! Fabulous blog ~~

Have a wonderful evening~~

xo Laura

Kristin said...

Prayers for your Dad and hugs for you! I've learned what a truly wonderful father looks like from watching the hubs with the dude. It's been a pleasure!

CC said...

The first dress is lovely! :)


janettaylor said...

Thanks for sharin. I'll visited Wabi&Sabi. Sounds gorgeous!

By the way the first photo is amazing! :-)


Natalie said...

Hey, I'm just taking a meander through her blog and it looks great. Sending blessing to your dad, he'll be just fine. Thanks for the frequent visits, the are much appreciated. :)

Alicia said...

oh my word she sounds AMAZING!! i'll have to go check her out! and i love that she is so brave to just live her life how she sees fit! and i'm sending some prayers your way, hope the surgery went well! :)

DolceDreams said...

What a beautiful blog you your choice of photographs! I too get away from my mommy mode by traversing blog land...inspiring and wonderful people out there!
Have a great weekend,

Lisa said...

Wabi & Sabi is a wounderful blog and she is also a wounderful person. She inspire so many others and she always have a kind word to say. Bye the way your blog is also fantastic.

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling, have a lovely weekend.

Love, Hugs & Tea
Duchess ♥♥♥