Friday, July 8, 2011

Old School Glamour

My friends, I have been through a lot. A lot of growth.
A lot of challenges. A lot of amazing opportunities.
Even more amazing new people in my life.

So, I come back stronger, smarter and
full of more life more than ever before.

I have a new sense of purpose.
Of direction. Of knowing what path to take.

Time to rejoice, enjoy friends and family.
And take time to enjoy the little things.

No time to look back.
Looking forward to the future a whole lot wiser.

It's time to be the best woman I can be.
To embrace my inner woman.

So, please continue to be my friend.
As, I know I have been gone and I miss you all.

So, hats off to us!
And, cheers!
We are here, alive and still creating.
Anyone relating to this or been through it?
Or, have any advice how to handle major life changes?
Please share.

Much love,


FrenchBlue said...

All I can say is I am so very proud of you! We are forever growing and unfolding to be the very best we can be as you already know. Biggest hugs to your new adventure!! I will always be here for you.
Janet said...

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The Red Velvet Shoe said...

I have missed seeing your posts in my reader and just today found this one...I hope the "changes" have all been for the best and that you are doing well and thriving...drop me an email and let me know how you are, my west coast fab gal! xo ~M.