Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Your Spot Is Reserved For Dinner...

Your special spot is reserved today
at the dinner table.

Come enjoy an elegant dinner
at my parents home with us.

My Grandmother's colorful floral
china, Waterford glasses and sterling set the mood
for this festive table and
brings back fond family memories.

Anyone hungry?

My Mom has always been able to create tablescapes that are magical. She certainly has a gift and I love to see what she has created each time we go to dinner at her home. She loves to pull out all the stops and enjoy her collections. And, there is just something special about being at your Mom's house for dinner.

Do you use china and crystal and the such? I do whenever possible since it reminds me of my Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother. They all adored their fine things and collected them for us to enjoy as well. But, washing all the precious dishes by hand is my least favorite thing... Yet, setting the table is the most fun and the anticipation of the evening to come is always gratifying.



Photos taken by Fab Finds Gal


janettaylor said...



Lizzy said...

Oh! so fancy!

Hexotica said...

Oh how fortunate to have a mother who puts together such an exquisite dinner setting as this!
I am fortunate as well, though I live too far away to enjoy my mother's magical dinners anymore!

Angela Harris said...

What a gorgeous setting!! Makes me want to throw a dinner party!