Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Fabulous Find~ Anthropologie

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed our family holiday and everyone seems to be quite pleased with their gifts. I was pleasantly surprised by having half my gifts this year from Anthropologie. Which is strange, because I didn't even know about this store until a few months ago. Lynn of The Paris Hotel Boutique did a fab blog post showing their magical winter wonderland store displays. That's how I found this shop.
I have decided not to join in on the shopping frenzy in the stores today and instead took a gander online at what else Anthropologie has to offer. And, boy was I surprised... Here are just a few items I could seriously be happy with if they landed in my stocking next year.
The Allamanda Necklace at $45 is the perfect
balance of being romantic, but with an edge.

The Malted Barley Boots at $379 are my favorite for an everyday boot for stomping around in jeans.

The Band of Baubles Bracelet by Nicole Miller at $58
has a little glam rock n' roll feel to it.

The In-The-Clouds Scarf in silk and cotton at $168
looks so dreamy, classy and comfy.

would make any gal look like a Queen even on a bad hair day.

The Rosy Cheeks Jacket on sale for $89.95
looks comfy without being frumpy.

The Prized Rose Ring that comes in cream and pink on sale for $89.95. I could see the cream on a special friend that loves feminine touches with nature themed treasures.

The Weathered Ferris Wheel on sale for $99.95 brings a smile to my face with it's whimsical and architectural aspects. I think my son and Mr. Fabulous, who is an engineer, would both love this piece. Now, that's hard to do. (Well, unless it's a Wii!)
Anthropologie does have some of the best home wares around. So good, it will have to be a separate post, my friends.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with quality time with family and Santa was good to you. He sure was to my family.

I have two favorite moments:
1. My son, Christian, squealing with delight and jumping all over the dang place while playing his first Wii game. It is a HUGE hit.

2. When my Dad gave me a big hug last night before Christmas dinner and told me I really outdid myself. Moments like that make all the preparations worth it.

What was your favorite part of the holiday
or your favorite gift?



janettaylor said...

The necklaces and that beautiful scarf are my fav.


Laura @ EdenRose said...

I adore that necklace! Those boots would also be prefect. great finds and lucky you for having anthropology presents :)
XX Merry Xmas to you XX

Kristin said...

That scarf is just heavenly! Sounds like you had a fabulous holiday. Yay! Watching the dude squeal over his Little Tikes car was amazing!!

DolceDreams said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday! My best part is having all of my family here in my home ( although it has made it difficult to catch up on my computer time)....Beautiful pieces from Anthropologie, their catalog is always divine, order one for fun... I wish you much health and happiness in 2010!

Miss Eve said...

It's a fantastic selection dear Christina...the jewelries and that white scarf is to die for...thanks for sharing.

I'm happy you had a great Christmas time...and those memories you shared with us (about your son and your father) was truly sweet.

Enjoy the holiday time, much love: Evi

{ L } said...

Oh fun! Those necklaces are lovely. I received some white sweater candles from Anthro for Christmas and was very happy.