Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Study of A Study in the Maria House In San Juan Capistrano~The Private Home Of The Proprietors of Whim Interior Design

Continuing on our home tour of the soon to be (hopefully) historic home build in 1924 of the design duo Eric Guenther and Daviell Maldonado. This talented duo not only own one of the most memorable properties in Orange County, they also own one of the most memorable upscale furniture, home furnishings, jewelry and floral shop. Well, that's a whole lot of talent under one roof. And, their home truly shows what type of talent they possess.

An interesting lamp, grand unique mirror, books and collections of exotic items from all over the world.

The art of displaying a bookcase with layers of old books on top of books. They sure know how to do it. The old iron would lead to an interesting conversation I am sure. Maybe they found it in the home?
Well, this study makes me want to get a cup of coffee, grab one of their cashmere blankets and get comfy for a while. There are so many interesting items in this cozy study, I would love to ask the owners about many of them. But, for now... I enjoy just looking upon the beauty. A study of a study.
Does this study bring up any thoughts for you? Such as the love for the color, style or collections? Do you use old books as well? I think they bring a soul to a room. What do you think?
Thanks for stopping by. Have yourself one fabulous day!!!

All photos taken by yours truly, Christina Gough.

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Hello sweetie,

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vicki archer said...

I am a real fan of old books...they look wonderful, xv.

Theresa said...

wow, that's relly lovely, i like it thouhg I'd decorate my home in a completely different way

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I'm drooling over that mirror! I emailed you back btw. : )