Sunday, May 31, 2009

What to Wear to an American Idol Audition?

What to wear to American Idol? This is the question for sweet 16 Jasmine Booher. She is an amazingly talented singer, that includes opera. She is also a wonderful dancer and entertainer. She is hip, cool, sweet and classy. She is also fortunate to be very tall with great long legs. She has this amazing opportunity. Once she makes it big, she says I'll be in charge of wardrobe. Ha.. Ha.. We will see. I'm crossing my fingers for her! So, I've been posting about fierce singers that have amazing style. Posts on Gwen, Lady Gaga and The Blonds. Now you know the reason for my research. So, I would LOVE to hear your opinion of WHAT TO WEAR to American Idol.

#1 Prom: Our gorgeous client, Jasmine, in a jazzy headband and black prom dress. Too prom?

#2. Chanel: Black and White striped Moschino 80's Inspired Dress with headband above and black booties/boots. A young and hip Chanel look? Dress found at my website.

#3. Flapper: Flapper inspired BCBG dress with black feathers and sequins. The picture doesn't do the dress justice and Jasmine would fill it out nicely. This would be cute with Jasmine's black and white 40's inspired headband from picture #1. Too much??? Dress found on my website.

#4. 80's Rock: Black flirty layered high waisted skirt, fun belt, black fedora hat and tight 80's spandex top. All items found on e-bay from Mama Stone Vintage. Cute 80's inspired outfit with a bit of rock in roll.

#5. Fake a Smile: Classy and dressy BCBG blue dress with L.A.M.B. shoes. Love the shoes and necklace and the gorgeous powder blue! Too sophisticated?

Fake a smile
Fake a smile by RAWR.Jackykins featuring BCBGMAXAZRIA dresses

#6. Rock n' Roll: Basic black flirty layered skirt at $25 with basic $30 white top. The Lanvin necklace really is a killer. But, I found a similar type of necklace to Loehmann's for $25. I have a similar type belt on my website.

Rock 'N Roll
Rock 'N Roll by evie&i featuring CHANEL earrings

#7. Zepplin Rock n Roll. It's Betsey Johnson meets punk. Cute?

Rock 'N' Roll
Rock 'N' Roll by MaeGal [StartsCircleMosaicIdea!] featuring Converse shoes

#8. He Loves Me Not: Gotta love the Pat Benatar look. I'm not feeling the dirty converse shoes though. Other than that, here's the token black leather looking pants. Interesting?

Rock and Roll
Rock and Roll by MaaBeatriznexoJB! featuring Balenciaga bags

What do you think is best for our star to
wear to hit the big time?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Red Geraniums in Paris~ Inspiration to Bring Paris to My Little Garden

Oh, I am inspired to fill my garden with lots more red geraniums. LOVE them. Even though they are high maintance. When they bloom at 3" or more blooms I feel like all is well in the world. Or, at least in my little garden. So, almost fell off my chair when I came across Miss FiFi Flowers blog and saw the last photo. Hello... eye candy. I want to be there!!! I have yet to experience Paris. This is so wrong... I must play the lottery and win big so I can take my fam to Paris!! Until then, I will work on creating my own little Parisian inspired palace in the OC.

1. 2. & 3. jmvnoosinParis from Flickr

4. tehqueen from Flickr

FiFiFlowers blog

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy 37th Anniversary to My Parentals!!!

Mom and Dad, Shirley and Jim, getting hitched in Vegas May 27, 1972. They dated a year and a half before Dad came around. Mom says she chased him until he finally caught her. There are a few wild tales from their courting times. Dad walking down the street with broad (ha.. ha..) and Mom jumping out of the VW while it was still running... down the street. Dang... And, another episode of Mom going through a window in his apartment to shred all his work ties.

Dad proposing over a couple of drinks on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend while they were partying with a few couples. My Mom's girlfriend telling Dad that's not a funny thing to joke around about getting married. My Dad was a joker. A few more drinks, calling a sitter, and a frenzy of packing and driving to Vegas. Mom driving frantically to Vegas while Dad was passed out (too many drinks Daddy?) and hoping he wouldn't change his mind when he woke from his obvious drunken stupor. Dad having to pull Mom away from the 5 cent slots to get married. How my beautiful Mother had dirty hands from the coins as they exchanged vows. Oh, what a fairy tale it is...

I have three things to say:

1. Dad, couldn't you see she was crazy? You should have RUN while you could! You had your chance. You get NO sympathy now!

2. Mom, where Ken and I in the VW as it went down the street with no driver? I bet anything the answer is yes. These days, Mom would be put in the slammer for such a stunt. But, hey, those were the 70's. That's when I sat on the car floor since there wasn't a passenger seat. (Does anyone worry how we survived? Reminds me of that e-mail about how did we all survive the 70's )

3. Nice curly mustache Dad. How very Tom Selleck of you.

So, they have obviously worked out their differences in lifestyle choices, united, raised a couple of kids, lived the great suburban life and still talk& laugh after 38 1/2 of being together. They make it look easy. Ken and I love you both very much!!!! Thanks for being the best parents and grandparents for our kids that any son or daughter could image. Kiss... Kiss...

So, be careful this weekend! Don't do anything MY PARENTS would do!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just a Orange County Girl Living in an Extraordinary World***Gwen Stefani

Couture Gwen

Vintage Momma

Glam Queen

From the OC with No Doubt

The Queen with her band

The many faces of Gwen

Original Gwen with bleached blonde hair, red lips & nails,
black eyes, pearls and wearing lingerie with baggy pants

Gwen Stefani was just an ordinary girl from Anaheim, Orange County. From a regular track home. This gal used hair dye, red lipstick, black eyeliner and vintage clothing to create the Gwen image we know her for. And, she hasn't strayed much from the original vision. When she does, I barely recognize her. I need the red lipstick Gwen. It just goes to show you the power of these small things a gal has over the universe. Especially when put into action by a persistent gal in search of stardom. Oh.... I'm not saying it's all looks. She has a fierce voice and worked out everyday to keep that bod and to keep jumping all over the stage night after night. I'm just saying she is a gal from nowhere special with a dream... and she kept to her vision and made it happen.
Cheers to you Gwen. Now she wakes up everyday with Gavin and her baby in her estate. Nice... Hard work pays off. And, she's just a girl...
Keep the dream alive. Whatever your dream is...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Fantasy, Glamour, Art and Clothing All Happily Collide with The Blonds

"For a woman who dares to be different- or for the weary fashion journalist- the Phillipe & David Blond collection was a welcome respite from the ordinary, an all-too-brief sojourn into a wonderful universe where fantasy, glamour, art and clothing, all happily collide." by Julia Sirmons.

This fierce design duo from New York really know how to put on a runway show and bring out the glam in any woman. I was unaware of this design team until I luckily stumbled came upon them via the glamorous Blonde and Red blog. I was taken aback by the glamour, beauty and originally I looked upon. I had one of those moments when you go "What is this!" I found that I loved every piece, some for being romantic and flirtatious and other's just because they are out of this world. When I came across Fergie in the Viva Glam corset I thought I had found home. I've always adored that ad and wondered who designed that outrageous outfit. I chose to share this time around the out of this world, sexy corset style show pieces. I'll have to share the gorgeous ready to wear sun dresses shortly. But, I thought I should go for the gusto first. I truly hope this blows your mind like it did for me. And, Debra Harry rocks it! Love her. Age? What age. It's all about attitude.

Spring Runway Show 2009

And the Gorgeous Celebrities


Christina Aguilera

Britney Spears

Debra Harry from Blonde

Jenna Jameson

Dita Von Teese

David & Phillipe Blond the design duo

If you could raid their closet and put on a private show for someone special, which Is YOUR FANTASY OUTFIT?