Monday, June 29, 2009

Vanity for Humanity~ My Home is Where My Heart Is

Claudia Strasser, author of The Paris Apartment book and blog, has asked for all bloggers to send her pictures of your modern vanity for the Habitat for Humanity Charity.
Claudia is calling it Vanity for Humanity. I love that!

So, I got my nerves up to post these
for the cause and for Claudia.

It's like being a rookie and playing with the pros.

But, she said the less professional looking the pictures, the better.

Thank Goodness, right?

When I was a Runner I won mostly because I Had The Heart. Not because I was the Better Runner.

A Wise Man once said that the Way to get Anywhere in Life is to Just Show Up! Since most People Won't even Do That.

So, I'm Showing Up, Playing Along and Hopefully Helping.
All the above pictures were taken in my current home.

This vintage cutie is from a previous home where I was lucky enough to have all my vintage clothes and girlie treasures in one room. We named the room "Betsey Johnson" and went bold with pink on the walls. Wild... I don't have the guts for that hot pink anymore. Truth be told, Claudia's book The Paris Apartment inspired this look ten years ago. I read that book night after night. I do believe the look is timeless. Now, I am blogging about her. Life is strange, isn't it?

This beauty is a sneak peek from my Mom's home. I'll post her home next... She's the true decorating talent in the family.

Who Else has the Heart to send pictures of Your Vanity to Claudia for the Vanity for Humanity? E-mail her at Come play along with us. She needs 300 pictures by August. It doesn't have to be structured or perfect. It could be a close up of a few of your favorite items on your vanity. There is no right or wrong. Please let her know who sent ya.

I hope you enjoyed taking a little gander at my home today. Come back again. And, please be kind with your comments. I'm feeling a little nervous over here. Oh, I have to push that dang Publish Post Button Now...

Summertime~ What Does It Mean To You?

Run Away With Me...

To Find Treasures in Unexpected Places...

And to Reunite with Old Friends & Family...
It's Summertime...
What Does Summertime Mean to You?

Summertime pictures found from Lovelle.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Glam Rock

Anyone feel like rocking
the house today?
Here are a few Glam Rock Gals
that have Serious Talent
Spotting the Trends
and Creating Them...

I covet this Valentino Fall 09 encrusted
bag that I found from style maven blogger Blonde and Red. Just imagine receiving this beautiful bag as a gift from your boyfriend, only to discover more glam on the inside like princess cut diamonds set into a sleek band! You really could be the epitome of glam rock then.

Glam Rock from Elle Magazine
this month, July 2009, in their Women in Music
special yearly issue with
Gwen Stefani on the cover

The Tit Tees peek-a-boo
studded tee for $40 that seriously rocks.
Find Tit Tees Here. Her new leopard T
from the first picture is delicious.

Black leather jackets found at
You can't rock it without a
leather jacket, my friends.

Chic and fabulous bags found at
Diamonds in Champagne here.

Christian Louboutin heels and the
next two photos found on rocker jewelry

Balmain Dress

Christian Louboutin

Gold Spike Cuff
made by PYT from
the W29 Showroom in NYC.

Ruffle and studded necklace created by the oh so

talented Candace Ang.

Are you Feeling like Putting on Some
Studs, Spiked Heels or Leather
and Taking Over the World, Girls?

Who is With Me?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Need Some Ice Cold Lemonade? ~ Links a' La Mode

links a la mode

Ice Cold Lemonade

Edited by Clutch 22

Compiling this week's round up of posts hit closer to home for me. I think we can all relate to the times where stress builds up and blocks inspiration. Reading each of these individually was the exact refreshment I needed (hence "lemonade"), especially with my birthday coming up next week - total outfit planning mode.

So what's in the mix? Alixrose and Decline Designs offer personal style inspirations, Fasshonaburu teaches us how to get our budget-shopping on at high-end boutique sales, hkShoeGeek talks harnesses and Fashion Consciou$ inspires by reviving the culottes trend (so cute on her).

Links à la Mode : June 25th

  • 39th and Broadway: Ever wonder who really determines how your clothes fit? An interview with a technical designer

  • alixrose: You have the perfect outfit, but whats the one thing that can keep it from becoming fabulous?

  • A Typical Atypical: A deep dive into the reasoning behind shoe obsessions

  • Awakened Aesthetic: Affordable ways to bring urban fashion into your decor without getting tacky

  • Bobbins and Bombshells: Fashionable History - A look into 1920's swimwear and bathing suits.

  • Bonne Vie: When Bloggers Unite - The Hotel Max Edition

  • Decline Designs: Defining Your Personal Style - Having "Go-To" Outfits

  • Fasshonaburu: Digging through a high end sales to find purchase-worhty pieces, and tips on how to not go over budget

  • Fashion Consciou$: Fashion Flashback - Return of the culottes

  • Fashion Pulse Daily: The evolution of the gladiator to the "mandiator"

  • Freya: A little gown guide for your summer wedding

  • hkShoeGeek: Harnesses - A collection of favorites for every style and price range

  • Idiosyncratic Style: A guide for casual wedding attire

  • Independent Fashion Bloggers: You just don't compare...

  • Retro Chick : Mary Queen of Charity Shops - Now it's all over, some final thoughts

  • Shoe Daydreams: Are you on board with the latest trend - Over The Knee boots?

  • Tatiana Supports the Arts: Indie Designer Spotlight - ALEX&RA, designed by Alexandra Cipparone

  • The Bare Skinny: Not everything has to be black and white - inspiration for adding color to your wardrobe

  • The Coveted: Shu Uemura's inspired lashes

  • Unfunded: Respect your elders - Rock the vintage!

  • Work Chic: Chic hosiery options if you still have to wear them in the summer heat!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sex and the City and Jimmy Choos... They go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or, just like Carrie and Mr. Big.

There were so many outfits
that I adored from
the Sex & The City Movie.

The opening dress really had
a lasting effect on me.
So outrageous and original.

This amazing flower pin was added
to Carrie's dress.
Patricia Field is a Genius!
This can be found here.
Just think, you can have it
too for under $50!

See these gorgeous shoes?

Now see these...Official Sex & the City Jimmy Choos!!!!

Stunning brand new classic black heels
with swarvoski crystal buckles Size 36
Bring home a little Sex & The City today!

You might just be the

Cinderella to fill these shoes.

To watch the amazing Vogue photo shoot from the
Sex & the City movie
where Carrie models
the couture wedding gowns
click here!

For you, what was Most Memorable
from the Sex & The City Movie?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Magical and Whimical Father's Day with Photographer Tim Walker

Happy Father's Day to All You Dads!
What would you like to do to celebrate your special day?
Have a party with lots of balloons...

Ride a bike or take a drive in the car...

Play shipwreck at the beach...

Play pirates on a real boat...

Shop for something unexpected...

Hit a few balls...

I hope whatever you decide do today
that it is full of
wonderment, love and surprises.

Photos 1-5 taken by Tim Walker and found on the internet.
Last photo was taken by me of my husband and son.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Naory Primavera Estate 2009 Gorgeous & Classy Lingerie

These sexy photos are simply divine.
Which one if your favorite?
This collection can be found from Mademoiselle Frou Frou Fashionista.
Wouldn't wearing one of these make a delightful Father's Day gift for him?
Or, any man in your life...

Photos found from Frou Frou Fashionista

Friday, June 19, 2009

Fashion~~Links à la Mode

ifb links a la mode

Fashion Potluck

Edited by Dramtis Personae

This week’s Links á la Mode it a fashion potluck, a hodge podge of politics in fashion, interviews with fabulous designers, bloggers, and photographers, flashbacks in to our fashion past, and great shops and designers to check out. I couldn’t make rhyme or theme of the collection, so just sit back & enjoy some of the best the Independent Fashion Bloggers had to offer this week!

Links à la Mode : June 19th

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Please Cast Your Vote for the Best Vintage Clothing Website by June 30th! Your Vote Counts!

Hey guys and dolls,

LuLu's Vintage is having a Top 10 People's Choice Vintage Clothing Website Contest that ends June 30th. I am so honored to be part of the group! My girl, Michelle from The Red Velvet Shoe, is also in the list. I am tickled pink we are both included.
If you feel so inclined, please VOTE by clicking on LuLu's link below and leaving a comment on the bottom noting your favorite vintage clothing website from LuLu's list.
A comment here won't cast your vote.
If nothing else, this is an amazing list of 150+ websites to visit for lots of eye candy. Who knows what special treasure you may find!
Merci from Fabulous Finds & Co.!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

A Timeless Great Gatsby with Photographer James M. Graham & Insightful Interview

An interview with amazingly talented and thought provoking James M. Graham:

When did you start taking pictures?

I was a filmmaker first. My father handed me his Kodak Brownie 8mm movie camera when I was 12. That's actually not true- I appropriated it and asked him how to use it, and then he showed me and gave it to me. I've taken still photographs probably since I was 16.

When did you know you wanted to take erotic shots of women? When did you know it was your niche?

I've been influenced by all the great filmmakers and photographers of the past. I knew it was my niche the very first time I shot a woman who was less than clothed. From my film background, I know how to direct. It's the same for stills. Create a character and immortalize them... in my style. And most importantly-make them feel comfortable.

Where do you take your shots?

Locations that are interesting to me. I've shot in every hotel in NYC. I've shot in my apartment (although I try not too) and in my model's apartments or spaces. In the park. Rooftops. Basements. On fire escapes. Wherever it feels right.

What is essential in your photo shots?

A connection with the model. And focus.

How do you choose your models?

A gut feeling. Sometimes I'm wrong, but mostly if I listen to my gut, I'm right.

Do you ever shot color or is black and white your signature?

I do color. A lot. Didn't used to, but I do now. I know how to make color be my bitch. But, yeah, B&W is my signature...

What three words describe your work?


Who is your dream model?

Kate Moss, Patti Smith, P.J. Harvey.

What drives you or inspires you?

The need to create. A legacy that is not the easy/lazy way out like having a kid. Leaving something for the world to appreciate or not. Etching my name in freshly poured concrete, except not running away when the cops show up- actually leaving something for people to ponder...

If you could have anything in the world right now, what would it be?

No one would ever hurt anyone else. Ever. For any reason.

To see his complete portfolio that will leave you in awe and pondering visit the James M. Graham Photography website. His boudoir pictures are hauntingly beautiful and so divine. He takes his pictures from the most extraordinary angle,s. True genius.

What thoughts or emotions do these photographs
conjure up in you? Don't be shy, darlings...